Bear Space Balls ABEC-7 Steel Skateboard Bearings

Space Balls ABEC-7 Steel 8mm Skateboard Bearings


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Bear Space Balls ABEC-7 8mm Steel Skateboard and Longboard Bearings with Built-In Spacers

Bearing fit and alignment are vital to the performance of your setup and the life of your wheels. Bear Spaceballs ABEC-7 Bearings integrate the necessary spacers and washers directly into the bearings, keeping your wheels aligned without the complication of extra components. This perfect interface with the axle, combined with non-contact labyrinth seals that keep dirt out while minimizing drag, will enable riders to excel to ludicrous speed and beyond! These steel bearings carry an ABEC-7 rating for a extreme performance on your skateboard or longboard.


  • Integrated spacers built in, your wheels will always be in alignment and chatter-free. Smooth, straight & fast.
  • Made with quality steel components, these bearings are fast, quiet and long-lasting
  • ABEC-7 rated for superior performance