Exclusive 60 Women's Ski Boot
Exclusive 60 Women's Ski Boot

Exclusive 60 Women's Ski Boot


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Lange Exclusive 60 Women's Ski Boots

The Lange Exclusive 60 was built to provide ultimate comfort for the lady who enjoys recreational skiing.  It was designed with the comfort and warmth a lady requires.  


  • Warm Inside Toe Box: Toe box features natural goose down fibers for superior warmth
  • Soft buckles: Created to ensure excellent hold thanks to their innovative and ergonomic design with the buckles activation mechanism lever being covered with soft rubber to protect fingers and create a softer, warmer feel
  • Quick Set Adjustable Catches: Catches can be moved to desired position with a simple rotational movement to increase/decrease cuff tightness with 20mm travel
  • Easy In-Out Instep Catch: Pivoting 30 degrees around its axis, the catch facilitates movement without hindering in and out movements of the foot
  • Canting
  • Lange Heel Lifts help women to get forward, ski in control and improve boot fit
  • Flex Rating: 60
  • Power plate